About the Journal

The Journal of Arts and Humanities (JAH) is a Bi-annual publication of the Faculty of Arts of The University of Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon. We accept Scientific contributions which cover subjects in the following domains: Geography,  Educational Research, language and literature, economic management, Anthropology, Law, Religious Studies, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Library Studies, Performing and visual Arts, Communication and development, Linguistics, Museum Studies and other areas the arts and humanities.


  • To valorise science and offer contributors the forum to showcase their creative ingenuities
  • To reinvigorate academic integrity and research quality.
  • To bridge research knowledge, ideas, and innovation gap through academic publications.
  • To expand the network of the national and international research community through publications.
  • To provide an established platform for scholarly collaborations in a global research community.
  • To provide the platform for research and knowledge sharing between academic researchers, consultants, and practitioners. 


To become a leading multidisciplinary journal, credible, scientifically viable and well-known and established, nationally and internationally.