Emotional Support and the Internship Training of Nursing Students in Fako Health District of the South West Region of Cameroon


  • Joseph Lah Lo-oh The University of Bamenda
  • Obenebob


Emotional Support, Emotional support systems, Fako health district, Internship training, Nursing students


The internship nursing training experience provides a real-world context where nursing students can acquire clinical skills and the attitudes that are the hallmark of the nursing profession under supporting and experienced supervision. Trainees in nursing are expected to be prepared adequately for the hard-working environment, increasing patient complexity, and higher-level competencies. However, nursing students often report dissatisfaction during internship; they encounter stressors that often hamper their learning, work outcomes and even their overall wellbeing. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of emotional support on the internship training of nursing students in the Fako health district of the Southwest Region of Cameroon. The survey design with the mixed method approach was adopted for the study. A sample of 345, including 325 second, third and fourth year nursing students and 20 clinical educators were considered for the study. Data was collected quantitatively and qualitatively using questionnaires, focus group discussion guides and interviews. Data was entered using Epidataversi on 3.1 and exploratory statistics were ran to identify questionable entries, inconsistency in responses and others. Descriptive statistics were used to present distributions between and within subsets using frequency distributions, percentages and multiple response sets. Meanwhile content analyses were conducted to analyse qualitative data. Findings showed that emotional support was a necessary ingredient in internship training of student nurses. They showed that, emotional support (χ2=48.341; P=0.000) had an explanatory power of 17.3%, during internship training. It was concluded that given the high levels of challenges and stressors associated with internship in nursing training, emotional support systems should be considered as an unavoidable variable in elevating supportive, healthy and psychologically stable learning environments for nursing students during internship.



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