Urban Barriers and Resilient Responses to IDP Adaptation in the Buea Municipality, Cameroon


  • Clarkson Mvo Wanie Dept. of Geography & Planning, The University of Bamenda
  • Emmanuel Oben Department of Geography, The University of Yaounde 1


Urban Barriers, Responses, Resilient, Strategies, IDPs, Adaptation


The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon that turned violent since 2017 has resulted in massive displacement of people within the crisis regions. Host families have been providing assistance to IDPs with resultant implications on household incomes, welfare and the urban environment. This paper intends to evaluate urban barriers and resilient responses to IDPs adaptation within the Buea municipality. The study employed both primary and secondary sources in the collection of data. Field observation and the use of 104 questionnaires aided the process of primary data collection from the sampled 130 host households using a multi-stage sampling technique. The questionnaires were coded and entered into SPSS Version 21. The data were exported to Microsoft Excel 2016 for analysis. The results were presented descriptively using tables and graphs to appraise the results. The results showed that 60% of the displaced population to safer zones was in the age group between 18 to 37 years. Findings further showed that 54% of the displaced persons were female. Again, 51% of the displaced were married. More so, 95% of the displaced were educated while 67% belongs to lower socio-economical class. Findings further revealed that middle and low income households host more IDPs than high income households. A majority (63.1%) of host families experienced a drop in their quality of life in order to assist the IDPs. Again, 38.1% of the hosts were dissatisfied hosting IDPs. The paper concludes that IDPs face numerous challenges with some being shortage of food supply, poor sanitation and health care, lack of security and rape abuses in the municipality. The study proposes the need for integrated and comprehensive developmental approach to the displaced persons in urban areas so that IDPs can economically and socially integrate themselves through capacity building.



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